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The heritage, the history, and the music of Mose Jones lives on! is dedicated to our brothers Randy Lewis, Jimmy O'Neill, Bryan Cole, and Chris Seymour...RIP

Mose Jones 50 year Anniversary 1973

Actually, there were TWO "MOSE JONES" bands - separated by a couple of years, a couple of different band members, 2 different record companies with different producers

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MOSE JONES 1: Randy Lewis, Bryan Cole, Jimmy O'Neill, Steve McRay Label: MCA / Sounds of the South 2 albums: 1 "Get Right" Produced by Al Kooper & 2 "Mose Knows" Produced by Al Kooper & Charles Calello

MOSE JONES 2: Randy Lewis, Steve McRay, Marvin Taylor, Chris Seymour Label: RCA / BGO - Executive Producer Buddy Buie with Mose Jones/Tad Bush producers: 1 "Blackbird" & 2 recorded but never released 2nd album (the song "Alien", which the "Atlanta Rhythm Section" recorded and had a top 20 hit, was from the 2nd unreleased and un-titled Mose Jones album).

  • This MOSE JONES site was started out of interest from friends and fans of the two separate yet integrated bands. The two bands were somewhat different in playing styles, but they were similar in a fundamental drive and power that MOSE JONES was known for with it’s core fans; plus the powerful vocals and bass playing of Randy Lewis and the vocals and keyboards of Steve McRay carried the sound and style throughout both MOSE JONES groups.

We receive email and calls and come into contact with people from all over the world who still remember our particular sound, style and stage presence and they all, as it seems, have worn out their old vinyl albums and would love to hear our music once again.. This site and forum is as good a place as any to connect once again with our “not getting any younger” friends and fans, and possibly introduce our distinct sound to a new group of friends and music followers.

Additionally, MOSE JONES has a lot of musical history surrounding the group and it’s members - from being one of THE Southern bands coming out of Atlanta in the 70’s to sign a major record contract (MCA/Sounds of the South), to "introducing" our manager and producer Al Kooper to a band named Lynyrd Skynyrd, which he signed to his label (MCA/Sounds of the South) and produced the band’s first and second records. Of the many shows that we played together, Lynyrd Skynyrd opened for Mose Jones on several occasions!

Plus MOSE JONES opened concerts and played with just about everybody back in their day, including: Lynyrd Skynyrd, Frank Zappa, Al Kooper, John Mayall, Little Feat, Boz Scaggs, Doobie Brothers, ZZ Top, Mother’s Finest, Eddie Money, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Dixie Dregs. Sea Level, Santana, Freddie King, Wet Willie, IF, Rory Gallagher, The Raspberries, Molly Hatchet, Stillwater, Marshall Tucker Band, Iggy Pop, Kiki Dee, Charlie Daniels, Hydra, Elephants Memory, Hampton Grease Band, and the list goes on…

  • Please feel free to leave feedback, comments, or anything memorable about the band…we hope you enjoy this site.

Mose Jones music samples
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       Get Right

Mose Jones - Mose Knows LP

     Mose Knows

Blackbird LP


     Lost / Found is dedicated to our brothers Randy Lewis, Jimmy O'Neill, Bryan Cole, and Chris Seymour...RIP

Mose Jones #1

1972 - 1975

Band Members: Randy Lewis, Bryan Cole, Jimmy O'Neill, Steve McRay (replaced Clay Watkins during the first album)

Mose Jones was the first band signed by producer Al Kooper for his new startup Atlanta label, "Sounds of the South" on MCA Records. Al Kooper's "Blues Project" was chosen for the label, as well as a Southern California horn band named "Elijah". Another band signed to the label was a little band from Jacksonville, FL that had been coming up to play in Atlanta - that band was "Lynyrd Skynyrd". Mose Jones released two albums "GET RIGHT" (1973) and "MOSE KNOWS" (1974). But the band broke up later in 1975. In 2010, tapes from a live recording were found, mastered and released on a CD called "LIVE AT RICHARDS - 1974" 

Mose Jones #2


Band Members: Randy Lewis, Steve McRay, Marvin Taylor, Chris Seymour

Mose Jones reformed in 1976 and signed to BGO (Buie-Geller Organization - Buddy and Gloria Buie, and Arnie Geller) and to BGO/RCA Record label. Mose Jones began recording their first album for RCA, called "BLACKBIRD". Extensive touring followed their album release, and Mose Jones wrote more songs and recorded their second RCA album, but it was never released. Mose Jones broke up in 1980, but their "Studio One" recordings resurfaced some 32 years later - they mixed, mastered, and released the album in 2013 called "Lost / Found" on the  Big Coffee Records label.

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