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"Live at Richard's - Atlanta, Ga. 1974"

This CD is culmination of a "live" show at Richard's nightclub in 1974, then one of the hottest venues in Atlanta and the Southeast, recorded on a hot summer night in 1974

The original 1/4" tape was found in 2009, then transferred to digital, pre-mastered, then re-mastered by Rodney Mills Master House. Released in 2010

on Big Coffee Records

Read the full story about the finding and releasing of this CD!

"Blackbird" LP

Mose Jones released their album and began touring the US in support of the album - they were opening large concerts and headlining small venues and clubs. Sharing the stage with many artists of the 70's - Boz Skaggs, Doobie Brothers, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Kiki Dee, Santana, Eddie Money, Little Feat, Sea Leavell, Mother's Finest, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Wet Willie, Charlie Daniels Band, Rick Derringer, Molly Hatchet, Outlaws, Dixie Dregs, Leslie West, Marshall Tucker, Stillwater and others.

Now available - "Shades of Blackbird" downloads/mp3s on Big Coffee Records web site.

"Unreleased 2nd Album" 

MOSE JONES - "Lost/Found" Kickstarter Campaign was SUCCESSFUL!!

*A 2nd album was recorded, mixed, and mastered, but RCA chose not to release the album. Times were changing and a new regime came to power within RCA Records, which sometimes happens. The record company determined they did not hear a single on the newly recorded album project - the band would go back into the studio to record several songs to give the record company a single, but to no avail. The record deal came to an end and the 2nd Mose Jones - came to an end as well.

Although the band members remained friends and played together in other bands (Out a Hand Band, Java Monkey, Men From Mars, and others) and many recording situations, they never played under the name Mose Jones again.

As things happen

about a year after Mose Jones broke up, the Atlanta Rhythm Section, who had recently signed with Columbia Records, needed another song for their album. Steve McRay answered a call at home one night from ARS producer and writing partner Buddy Buie - Buddy asked Steve if he would stop by the studio and go over the song Alien for the band; they had heard it and liked it, and possibly may want to record it. Steve went to Studio One, rehearsed the song with the guys, and ended up recording the song with ARS that night, and later was called in to sing back-up vocal parts with Ronnie Hammond.

The song Alien was presented to Columbia in a package of songs sent in from ARS for the executives to hear - the song Alien was chosen by Columbia to be one of the "singles" off the new ARS album to be named Quinella!

The top 40 hit song "Alien", (#16 on the Adult Contemporary charts) which the "Atlanta Rhythm Section" recorded in 1981 for their Quinella album (CBS), was one of the songs on the 2nd unreleased Mose Jones album - an album that RCA decided had no singles or hit songs on it.

Note from Steve McRay: 32 Years Later

After a successful KICKSTARTER campaign and with the help of so many of our MOSE JONES friends (locally, nationally, and internationally), we raised over $8000 and secured the funds needed to release all of our studio tracks from 1980. Plus, one day...we have an album full of other studio cuts that will be released as downloads and possibly a CD. Look out for that!


In November of 2013, we released our MOSE JONES "Lost/Found" CD with downloadable MP3s. The CD, along with more music and items, can be found

at the Big Coffee Records.

  Shades of Blackbird downloads can be found at Big Coffee Records/Music


Billboard article announcing release of Blackbird LP

After finally breaking up the band in 1980

Mose Jones members went on to join each other in many musical situations and play in several bands together:
"Out A Hand Band", "Java Monkey", "Francine Reed Band", "David Wingo Celebrity Band", "Randall Bramblett Band", "The Lucky Ones", "Ichiban Blues Bands" and others - as well as touring musicians, songwriting partners, and studio session musicians for numerous projects and artists.