Story behind this "Live at Richards" CD/Project

In memory of...Randy Lewis, Jimmy O'Neill, and Bryan Cole / Mose Jones CD "Live at Richard's" - Atlanta, Ga. 1974

This CD is totally live - no overdubs or post-production enhancements of any kind were used.

After Jimmy O'Neill's passing in 2001, the original 1/4" tape was found to be in his possessions in 2008. The tape was first baked (a process to save the tape and to help retrieve the data on the tape), then it was transferred to digital, pre-mastered, then re-mastered by Rodney Mills Master House and finally released as a CD in 2010.

This CD is the culmination of a "live" show at Richard's nightclub, then one of the hottest venues in Atlanta and the Southeast, recorded on a hot summer night in 1974. The show was aired by WRAS Radio in Atlanta, and taped by Sam's Tape Truck. On the shared bill that evening was Eric Carmen and the RASPBERRIES...

So, this is Mose Jones on stage Randy Lewis-Bass & Lead Vocals, Jimmy O'Neill-Guitar & Lead Vocals, Bryan Cole-Drums & Background Vocals, Steve McRay-Keyboards & Lead Vocals, and with "Special Guest" Davis Causey-Guitar - raw, live, all mic'd-up - singing, and playing their own songs, creating extended jams…it was HOT, and as usual at Richard's, the packed crowd was ready and receptive - and as usual, Mose Jones was having a blast!

Our "Thank You" List

Special thanks to Susan and Martin O’Neill, Ken Mauldin, Sharon Lawrence, Al Kooper, Rich Floyd, Richard Bryan and all the staff of Richard’s. To Rodney and Matt for work above and beyond the call of duty. To Sean O'Rourke and Rick Hinkle for work well done. To Mike Hatchett for front of house mix, Chuck Fowler for Back line and so much more, to Joe Neal from Sam’s Tape Truck for mixing the live feed to WRAS, to Davis Causey for his fine musicianship and good vibes, and to all the fan’s, survivor’s and walking wounded who remember what a great time it was for music in Atlanta. Peace. This recording is dedicated to Randy Lewis, Jimmy O’Neill, and Chuck Fowler. Brothers, may you rest in Peace, we love you.

Mose Jones' history in regard to the "Southern sound" is well documented and appreciated by many music insiders.

In an exploding era of "Southern Music", e.g., Macon Georgia's Capricorn Records, the Allman Brothers, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Wet Willie, Hydra, Marshall Tucker…to name a few, Al Kooper moved to Atlanta in 1972 to sign up-and-coming Southern bands on his newly created "Sounds of the South" label / MCA Records.

The first band he signed, based on their live performances at the Atlanta nightclub FUNOCHIOS, was MOSE JONES, where Al would sit-in and jam to all hours of the night, convinced that Mose Jones had the talent, musicianship and driving sound that he was looking for to kick-start his new label. With the persuading of Mose Jones, the second band Al Kooper signed was a little known band coming up from Jacksonville to play at FUNOCHIOS, whom Mose Jones had become good friends with….that band was - Lynyrd Skynyrd!

While Mose Jones had two well received albums on "Sounds of the South" MCA (Get Right 1973, Mose Knows 1974), and later reformed the band and released albums on BGO / RCA records (Blackbird 1978), many consider that Mose Jones' musical personality was always expressed best in the bands live performances.

CD is presented in an eco-friendly 4-page wallet. 

Live at Richards CD 1974 - Mose Jones

Live at Richards CD 1974 - Mose Jones / The Back and the Front Cover

The songs chosen for this CD

...were narrowed down from over 2 and half hours of recorded music that night - all original songs were from Mose Jones' 2 albums, "Get Right" 1973 and "Mose Knows" 1974, with the exception of the Mose Allison song "Going to the City", which was combined with the extended jam the band had been performing and having fun with for years.

Bryan Cole and Steve McRay, the two surviving members of the original band, and with the appreciative help of friends all along the way, have spent time and money and an undoubtedly labor of love attitude, to release this project - and now it has come to fruition.

This CD is presented to you, to our old fans and our new fans and listeners, out of respect for Mose Jones and it's legacy, and our love for our two original members and band mates – Randy Lewis and Jimmy O’Neill (RIP)…We sincerely hope you will listen, enjoy, and appreciate this CD and project of love.

The songs:

Barroom Sweeper - (Cole, O’Neill) 4:26

Would Be - (Cole, O’Neill, McRay) 4:26

Just Another Highway Song - (O’Neill) 2:54

Stood Up (Cole, O’Neill, McRay) 4:06

Mose Knows - aka 168 P'tree Cir (McRay) 4:03

Home - (Cole, Lewis, O’Neill, McRay) 8:24

Julia's Beautiful Friend - (Cole, O’Neill) 9:43

If You're Going to the City & Jam - (Mose Allison) 27:09

All songs published by Duchess Music/Universal Music Gp., except “If You're Going to the City”- Bug Music obo Audre Mae Music

Mose Jones “Live at Richard's-1974”

Randy Lewis - Bass & Lead Vocals
Jimmy O'Neill - Guitar (on left) & Lead Vocals
Bryan Cole - Drums & Background Vocals
Steve McRay - Keyboards (Hammond B3 and Wurlitzer) & Lead Vocals
Davis Causey, “Special guest” – Guitar (on right)

The Crew
Michael Hatchett - front of house mix
Chuck Fowler - back line
Joe Neal - live feed mix to WRAS (from Sam’s Tape Truck).
Original analog tape prepared and transferred to Pro Tools by Rick Hinkle at Audio Cam
Pre-mastering on Pro Tools by Sean O’Rourke.
Mastered by Rodney Mills at Rodney Mills Masterhouse, assisted by Matt Leatherman
Artwork by Steve McRay with Douglas Gillespie
Executive Producer - Steve McRay

Live at Richards CD 1974 - Mose Jones / The Inside - Left and Right with text over collage


The original Mose Jones # 1 band members:

Randy Lewis passed away from complications of a heart attack in Jan of 2001 where he had been living / playing music in Key West and other parts of Florida. Jimmy O'Neill passed away in Sep of 2001 from complications of a brain tumor. Jimmy had continued living his life as a dedicated musician, songwriter, producer, and family man.

In 2001, Bryan Cole survived an aorta rupture that was so severe his right leg had to be amputated to save his life. He continued his path as a producer and part time musician and full time family man until December 9th 2012; Bryan passed away from complications after a planned 2nd surgery to repair an aneurism of his aorta that had been threatening his life. On January 13, 2013 a "Celebration of Life" was given in Bryan's honor with hundreds and hundreds of friends, family members, musicians, and others attending the day long affair.

See Photo's of Bryan's Day!

Steve McRay lives in Atlanta, GA and is doing very well as a composer, songwriter, record label owner, and musician. Our friend Davis Causey lives in Athens, GA, continuing as a songwriter, studio owner and musician.

Reviews of Mose Jones

"An important part of Southern Rock history - cause this is when Southern Rock started to become the kind of music that we know and love so well." SkyDog's Elysium 2008 review of Get Right - Mose Jones 1973

"…what we have here is another essential piece of the puzzle of the history of Southern Rock." SkyDog's Elysium 2008 review of Mose Knows - Mose Jones 1974

"From back when southern had merely a geographical meaning...because in the South every genre got mixed. And that attracted people from all places, from Eric Clapton to Rod the early days Southern Rock was a lot less bound by rules. There was no genre or image (for these bands to copy from) then, these guys were just making music. Still, you could hear a familiar sound in all different types of bands.” SkyDog's Elysium

"This extremely talented band...absolutely captivated their audience by rocking, rolling, bloozing, and boogie-ing them into submission." CASH BOX 1973

"Mose Jones plays a bluesy brand of rock that comes off as extremely tight and cohesive." RECORD WORLD 1973

"Mose Jones, Atlanta rock 'n boogie quartet, are making a strong impression in their Gotham debut...This quartet could make waves." VARIETY 1973

In his book "Backstage Passes & Backstabbing Bastards", Al Kooper is quoted as saying that “Mose Jones were my Beatles and Skynyrd was my Rolling Stones”.

The disk will look nice going into your CD player as well!

(if you still have a CD player...that is)

Members of MOSE JONES went on to record, write songs, tour, produce, and perform with many artists

38 Special, Ted Nugent, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Vassar Clements, Sea Level, Joan Baez, Ben E. King, Al Kooper, Randall Bramblett, Lowell George, Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett, Delbert McClinton, Greg Allman, Francine Reed, as well as many Ichiban Records Blues Artists.

This project also reunites us with Rodney Mills, who originally engineered some of our Mose Jones albums at Studio One in Doraville, Ga. Studio One was home studio to many hit albums in it's day, i.e., Atlanta Rhythm Section, Lynyrd Skynyrd, 38 Special, Journey, Alicia Bridges, Johnny Van Zant, Paul Davis, Joe South, Greg Allman, Outlaws, Stillwater, and many more.

The Rodney Mills Master House is one of the elite mastering services in the country, mastering thousands of projects for national and regional acts (Pearl Jam, Collective Soul, Kentucky Headhunters, ARS, The Wallflowers, Soulja Boy, Bonecrusher, Unk, Pylon, and many more...)

Thank you and...Enjoy!


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