Music Missing for 30 Years Finds It's Way Home!



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These 1980's recordings of original songs followed our popular BLACKBIRD LP (RCA-1978), and was Mose Jones' 4th album. This never released album features Marvin Taylor (Guitar), Randy Lewis (Vocals/Bass) (RIP), Steve McRay (Vocals/Keyboards), and Chris Seymour (Drums), with songs written by Buddy Buie, Randy Lewis, and Steve McRay plus Marvin Taylor and Chris Seymour. All tracks recorded at famed Studio One in Doraville, GA, except for the "Muscle Shoals Horns" recorded at Muscle Shoals Sound, Muscle Shoals, AL

Our song "Alien" , written by Buddy Buie, Randy Lewis, and Steve McRay, is one of our songs on this "Lost/Found" album. As a side note, in 1981 we were grateful the Atlanta Rhythm Section liked our song and recorded the song "Alien" for their "Quinella" album. Then Columbia Records released the song as a 45 single, which made it's way to a top-40 hit - #34 and sending the song to #16 in Adult Contemporary Billboard charts.

After 30+ years of being LOST in storage, the 24 track analog tapes were FOUND and returned to us. All of the tapes were baked, and then transferred from incredible sounding "fat" analog on 2"tape to a high end digital format. The 8 tracks were processed, mixed, and mastered while preserving the pristine sounds of the 24 track analog tapes and that 70's/80's attitude, just as they were recorded, exactly as they sounded, and exactly as we thought they should be!!

We are impressed and amazed by how AWESOME these recordings sound - they sound like they were recorded last week!! The analog fidelity is just amazing! Our engineer on the project had goose bumps when he first heard the raw tracks - he said he hadn't been this impressed with sounds being this good in all his years of studio engineering and producing. We think everyone's going to love this!

CD Release Party for "Lost/Found" with Kickstarter backers and friends!

We held the CD release/Kickstarter rewards party at Smith's Olde Bar, "the Atlanta Room" - our old band "Java Monkey", along with Francine Reed and our old drummer Chris Seymour,  performed a set of Mose Jones music for the event.

The room and the bar downstairs was packed with friends, well wishers, and Kickstarter Backers with lots of food, drinks, and music by Mose Jones! What a great NIGHT!


L/R: Michael Bastedo, Marvin Taylor, with Francine Reed helping us out, Chris Seymour (original Mose Jones drummer RIP), Steve McRay, and John Holder

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